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Passionately serving nonprofits since 2001

Successful strategic planning will enable your organization to examine and respond to environmental realities – with informed projections. We help leadership teams anticipate and respond to change. Together, we clarify the organization’s mission and goals; target spending; and reshape programs and fundraising. We provide clear direction for the board, staff, and volunteers to achieve realistic and measurable goals.

The result: multi-year, mission-focused success.

PANO's Standards for Excellence program provides guidance regarding best practices in nonprofit management. The program sets a high benchmark,

Krisp Communications is committed to partnering with nonprofits to implement best practices in leadership and governance. We will work with you to design custom seminars to train board members, volunteers and/or staff. Krisp Communication's interactive trainings and workshops generate enthusiasm and give nonprofits the knowledge and tools to govern and work effectively.  

Training topics include, but are not limited to:

- Roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards
- The board’s role in fundraising
- Effective board meetings
- PANO Standards for Excellence
- Creating a Strong Brand


Let us design a custom training for you!